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The goals of Olive Tree Ministries are to communicate the truth of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior to all people and to encourage and stimulate personal growth in Christ. It seeks not to be identified with any one denomination but to be supportive of the central truths of faith.


Meet the Founder

Janette Stone, the founder of Olive Tree Ministries, has spent most of her life helping others through God's word. She was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area. After teaching in the public schools, starting a preschool, getting married and having three sons, her husband's work brought her to Wisconsin. She has now been in Wisconsin for over 30 years. Jeanette is a well-respected Bible teacher, inspirational speaker, author and Christian counselor. A great deal of her time is spent counseling others and studying. She is truly a Christian example, a teacher of the word and lives her life accordingly.


“This ministry is used for truly helping people” says Janette. She feels blessed to be handing the directorship of Olive Tree Ministries over to Chris Schiek at this time. The two are working closely together to easily work through this transition.

Meet the New Director

Chris Schiek was appointed the new director of Olive Tree Ministries in 2023. She takes over a sturdy ministry and is learning the fundamentals while meeting lots of wonderful people.


Chris first met Janette Stone about 30 years ago when Janette was teaching a Young Moms Group. “As a young wife and mother of small children, the lessons were Biblical, practical, and life changing for me. The impact on my marriage and my parenting skills were significant”. The group lessons ended, and Chris lost touch with Janette until 2011, when she attended a Bible study Janette was teaching provoking her to get serious and dedicated about studying scripture. For more than 10 years Janette has mentored Chris in Scripture studies and practical application. Gradually, as is often the case, the student became a teacher. When Janette invited Chris to substitute for a few lessons a new passion was born. “I know a little bit about God's Word and it thrills me to share the little bit I know”.


Chris and her husband Joe have been married for 36 years. They have four grown children, gained three additional sons when their daughters married, and six beautiful grandchildren. They live in rural Fond du Lac.

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