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Meet the Founder of Olive Tree Ministries

Janette Stone, the director and founder of Olive Tree Ministries, has spent most of her life helping others through God’s word.  She was born and raised in the Detroit, Michigan area. After teaching in the public schools, starting a pre-school, getting married and having three sons, her husband’s work brought her to Wisconsin.  She has now been in Wisconsin for over 30 years.    

After opening two pre-school facilities in Fond du Lac, she found herself being sought out as a speaker on the topic of children. “Through speaking, people want to talk to you and that evolved into counseling,” says Janette. Janette created JS Ministries (Janette Stone Ministries) and, as a Christian counselor, applied God’s word as the opportunities presented themselves through her counseling of individuals, families, adults, and children. JS Ministries later changed its name to Olive Tree Ministries. “This ministry is used for truly helping people. What was said years ago is still used today and is still workable in today’s culture,” says Janette.   

“Our society is becoming so serious that we do crazy things to relieve ourselves. We need to try not to lose sight and remember to have fun in life,” Janette has commented. Maybe that is why one cannot help but feel a sense of energy and youthfulness about Janette.   

Janette is a well-respected Bible teacher, inspirational speaker, author, and Christian counselor.  She has written five books, The Mommy Person, The Daddy Person, The Sandbox, Sick Henry, and New Shoes and has developed a series called Henry Talks to God. She uses the truths of the Scripture in a humorous and forthright way and is sought after as a keynote speaker by service clubs, churches, retreats, and conferences. A great deal of her time is spent in counseling others and in study. She is truly a Christian example, a teacher of the Word, and lives her life accordingly.

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